Thursday, March 15, 2007


Just a note about my Boston trip..
Seems I've been there alot over the last 4 months.
I really feel some deep connection to Cape Cod, reminds me so much of Wisconsin..
How I miss Wisconsin, the water, my friends, Friday nite fish frys..

The people I have met in Boston are so sweet, lots super fun artists!!
The history of time past, so many antique book stores, the Portugese food (which I didn't know I liked until recently) and the peace that comes over me when I walk the water..

I scored big with my heart rock collecting there..
Found 16 heart shaped rocks this was my favorite!!!

Also, found this boulder of a heart rock that of course my friends didn't even realize..
The representation of me finding these rocks is that love is everywhere..
You just need to look for it, sometimes it's right under your nose and other times you have to look a little harder:)

I've got 2 more trips scheduled that way for the year,then I'll have to come up with new classes so I can go back next year:)
This pic is of some of my students at "The Stamp Act Store"
Fabulous artists that taught me a thing or two:)

Not to mention the East Coast has some great animal shelters that I have been talking with in hopes of networking so that more of my animals can find forever homes..